The Library
updated 19 March 2000
The library, while it is small at the moment, is in a growing stage.  More articles on Australian beekeeping will be added one day. 

bullet  Australian Beekeeping Information
A report prepared for the Australian beekeeping industry  by:  Diana M H Gibbs,  B Sc(Hons), M Env Stud and  Ian F Muirhead,  B Agr Sc, M Agr Sc, PhD  This is a 200k document, it will take awhile to load
 Click Here to download this file as a 70k zip file. It is in Word97 format
bullet   Australian Honey Industry Monthy Review  A monthly newsletter from the Australian HoneyBee Industry Council
bullet   Beeline - A Queensland Perspective.  A Newsletter for Beekeepers.  Published by the Queensland Dept. of Primary Industries.
bullet   Pollen Content & Amino Acid Profiles. A book by Peter Stace covering selected pollens from Northern NSW and Southern Queensland.  This page is still under construction and should be finished shortly
bullet   Protein Bee Feeds and their economic use - In this article Peter Stace discusses the use of supplementary protein feeds for commercial bee keeping as well as discussing some basic formulas for making protein supplements
bullet   The RIRDC research section - The above link will take you off site to the research section of the Home Page of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. While Honeybee Australis does have a return link on the RIRDC home page, you should use your browsers' back button to return to Honeybee Australis.
bullet   Your Bees are what you feed them - An article by Charlie Stevens (Dec's) of Condamine Apiaries, Warwick Queensland about their evolution of supplementary feeding from sugar syrup to protein cakes
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