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Protein Cakes Protein Feed Supplements 

Our standard Protein Cakes are made with a well tested and proven formula of pollen, protein supplements, vitamins and honey to make a protein cake that does not require plastic or paper wrapping. Both the honey and pollen are irradiated. 

 As every beehive is different it is almost impossible to gauge the exact requirement of any particular beehive. From our own trials we have found that a nuc of about 3 frames will use 1 of the 100gm Protein cakes every 2 weeks, while a beehive that is working a honey flow will need at least 4 of the 100gm Protein cakes every 3 weeks. Usage will higher if the honey flow produces little or no pollen. 

If using our Protein Cakes in a Small Hive Beetle area we recommend that a beetle trap (like the beetle blaster) be placed next to the Protein Cakes.

The usage of these Protein cakes will depend a lot on the amount of brood the hive is carrying, the number of bees in the hive, and on what the bees themselves might be gathering. The protein levels of the pollen that the bees are gathering will also make a difference to their requirements. The above quantities are only a guide and we would be happy to hear from you on the amounts that your hives are using, and the results you are obtaining so that we can continue to improve our product.

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protein cakes in hive
Photo showing 2 Protein cakes placed in a single hives.  The 2 cakes weigh approx.200 gms.
 We have found that the bees will take the Protein cakes better if placed in close proximity to the brood chamber. We would suggest either placing them on top of the brood frames (under the excluder) or between the top bars of the brood frames, but making sure that they leave the bees access to the brood. 
feeding protein cakes to double hive
However when you have bees working on a honey flow, and the bees are storing honey above the excluder, we find that the bees will consume the cakes if they are placed on top of the excluder. It is time effective to feed bees at the time when honey is being removed. When placing the sticky on top of the excluder just drop the  cakes between the frames so that they fall down to the excluder.

The photo to the left shows 400gm of protein cake being feed to a hive working on a Yapunyah honey flow in western Queensland during our winter months