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All our Prices include GST

Full Depth frames
Available in either
black BTBF
white BTWF (white out of stock)
$4 each
1080 or more $3.70 per frame (20 ctns)
54 frames per carton

BeeTek Plastic Frames

WSP frames
Available in either
or white BTWSPWF
$3.40 per frame
75 frames per carton

Click here for a large view of the Plastic one pierce frames.  Please note: this is a large file and could take a few minutes to download.

Plastic foundation
Full Depth Foundation

Single sheets $2.40 each
500 or more $2.25 each
100 sheets per carton
Black (only) BTBS

Beetek Plastic Frames
& Foundation

Plastic Queen
10 frame only

BeeTek plastic Queen excluder

$10.00 each

Welded Wire Excluders
$18.50 each in singles

$17.50 each in lots of 100

8 or 10 Frame



Queen Excluder Cleaning Tool

Queen Excluder cleaner tool


Beetle Traps

Silver Bullet Beetle Trap

Metal Beetle Trap

$10.00 each

These are a fully metal trap for a long life

Larger image link coming soon

Beetle Blaster

beetle blaster
beetle blaster

A disposable trap. Easy to fill with cooking oil or Diatomaceous Earth (Absorbacide) powder. Once the trap is full, remove it and simply throw it away or clean and resuse

$2.40 each in Cartons of 100 ($240)
$2.75 each for 10 or more
$3.00 each in singles

Click here for more images

Absorbacide powder
(Diatomaceious Earth) for refilling the traps

50gms $5, 100gms $8, 200gms $12,

All prices include GST. Freight is extra on all shipments

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